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What is Ring and Pinion Gears?

GNA Gears – Ring and Pinion manufacturers in India

Ring and pinion gears are the automotive hardware that rotates the motor wheels of a vehicle forwards and backward. 

Ring and Pinion assemblies commonly used in the drive systems of tractor-trailers and larger pickup trucks meant to carry heavy loads, GNA Gears tops in Ring and Pinion manufacturing in India.


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A ring and pinion gear set comes with a grooved ring connected to the drive axles of the vehicle’s rear wheels and a grooved pinion connected to the drive shaft. Any vehicle with rear-wheel drive, or even older cars, come equipped with ring and pinion gears. However, these gears can be replaced with sets with a higher ratio in order to improve performance.

How does ring and pinion gear works?

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Below is a brief explanation. Ring and pinion assembly is the essential factor in the functioning of ring and pinion gear. Since 1946, GNA myntra is precision and to produce high performance and high quality products. Apart from ring and pinion manufacturing, GNA also manufactures bull rings, shafts, spear gear, check out more details here.



Ring and pinion gears work in combination with the drive shaft to make torque for its drive wheels. This happens as soon as the driver presses the accelerator of the car.

The drive and pinion shaft are attached and also, therefore, must spin together to build torque that consequently creates the ability that moves the wheels.

The ring and pinion work together to create torque when the driver puts power to the drive wheels. As the drive shaft, and thus the pinion, spin, the ring, and thus the drive axle and the wheels, spin correspondingly. The larger the ratio of the ring and pinion grooves, the more force is created with each spin and more power goes to the wheels.

Ratio of Grooves

Ring and pinion gears must have proper teeth ratios for optimum performance. An unprecise teeth ratio will not work correctly and over time, it will wear out.

 A ring of one size and a pinion of another size might work for a while, but continued use will cause failure because the grooves will not fit together and they will grind until they are ruined.

The performance of ring and pinion gears depends on the ratio of grooves in both the ring and pinion. The bigger this ratio, the more force is created. Rings and pinions are also designed with teeth that help the drive shaft generate enough needed torque.

 The pinion always has fewer teeth/grooves than the ring, and a desirable ratio is anywhere between 3.4 to 3.6.

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