Message from the Managing Director
Gursharan Singh

We at GNA GEARS are deeply focused on key areas of specialization, with world standard expertise and potential across the entire breadth of automotive gear manufacturing.

The 65 years history of GNA is characterized by a focus on innovation, disciplined investment, superior execution and solid delivery of performance with integrity towards our customers, our employees and society.

We at GNA have strong businesses aligned to grow with the market trends of today and tomorrow. We have paid careful attention to inputs from our customers and worked to provide a broad range of products throughout, and over the years have become one of the leading providers of Differential and Speed Gears to the world’s leading OEMs.

As the marketplace grows more dynamic and interdependent, we understand that the success of our customers complements our own. The people that make up GNA are also its biggest asset. We depend upon the capabilities of our employees to drive our growth and strengthen our leadership position in the marketplace.

It has been our constant endeavor to expand the scope of our operations, of speeding up processes, decision-making and imbibing new technology as it comes, hence the recent establishment of the Klingelnberg Dry Cutting System.

Aligning corporate citizenship with our business goals has actually enabled us to deliver on our promises, while at the same time addressing the needs of society. Our efforts to assist and contribute towards preserving the global environment are focused and consistent.

Message from Director & CEO
MR. Gurdeep Singh

Powered by precision, we are constantly pushing the frontiers of automotive gear technology and have set exceptionally high benchmarks and have achieved them as well. However Precision technology needs to work every time, all the time for an automotive lifetime, hence our brand promise.... delivering precision for good.

At GNA Gears we are of the view that the future has no limits, and to this end we intend to continue unabated on the path of automotive excellence paved by our forefathers. We intend to make even greater strides in bringing forth an exceptional portfolio of automotive gears and our passion for precision to more and more new markets worldwide.

Our journey has only just begun and we have many more miles to go. However we aim at accomplishing this with zealous effort, consistently enhancing competency, imbibing new technologies such as Klingelnberg Dry Cutting and Power Skiving, consistently nurturing individual talent hence enabling GNA Gears a happy and inspiring place to work. Inevitably delivering superior products and a leading edge to our customers.