Range - Upto 500mm dia. and 7module.

We are equipped with the capability of making Ring Gears through both the Broaching as well as Shaping route. For shaping GNA Gears will soon be imbibing the Power Skiving Technology while the rings will be cut using Klingelnberg Dry Cutting.

Other than that we are equipped with Shaping and Broaching machines upto 110 ton capacity and we can cut rings upto 500 dia. To support in Heat Treatment we have Plug Quenching for Carburised Ring and CNC Induction Hardening Machines for inductioned rings.

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Since 1946, Best Ring Gears And Pinions Manufacturers.

Our top-notch and state of the art machinery produce high-quality OEM ring and pinion gear sets. We are one of the best ring and pinion manufacturers in India.

GNA Gears supply and manufactures ring and pinion gear assemblies all around the World. With more than 70 years of experience behind their back GNA gears is one of the Best ring gears and pinions manufacturers in India.

We have always focused on the quality of products manufactured by GNA gears. We strictly implement ISO 14001 | ISO / TS 16949 standards and our experienced engineers, machinery and precision quality checks for our products makes us the leading manufactures of the ring gear and pinion in the industry.

We can manufacture ring gear assemblies, pinions according to the specification and demands of our clients. GNA gears ring and pinion sets are excellent for stock replacement or gear ratio changes. GNA is the best ring gear manufacturers in india. See our clients here.

Our manufacturing capabilities include forging, dry cutting, heat treatment and world-class machine shop.

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