Gear Box

Gear Box

Gear Boxes for agricultural applications such as Rotavators, Combines & Tractors. Range includes ratio - 1:1 / 1. 8:1 / 1.77:1

Gear Box Assemblies

- 01 Planetary assembly

- 02 Epicyclical assembly

- 03 Rotavator gear box assembly

GNA Gears is a specialization OEM of planetary assembly, rotavator gear box assembly & epicyclical assembly. We have got a comprehensive list of consumers in the agricultural, building, automotive, and other sectors. Application for all these durable planetary gear assemblies include conveyers, cranes, crawlers, excavators, road rollers, trail vehicles, winches and more. By focusing on being industry leading planetary assembly, rotavator gear box assembly & epicyclical assembly manufacturer, as well as provider of custom-built gearboxes, we are constantly improving the geometrical precision of tooth profiles.

The proper abilities and ISO 14001 | ISO / TS 16949 approved tools to assist them, are chosen by our solutions-focused strategy team. The constant aim of our staff is to meet customer needs in the most economical and effective method. Whether for individual planetary drives or complete planetary assembly, rotavator gear box assembly, epicyclical assembly, we operate in an organization where precision, accuracy, reliability and exceptional products are compulsory for our clients, and we've got the experience employees, investment in machines and systems that are standard.

planetary assembly

Our manufacturing and engineering processes are in-house which functions to assist control lead times and enhance quality checks. Our in-house Forging, heating treatment capability & Dry Cutting by way of instance, imply we are uniquely positioned to generate carburized/hardened ground gear equipment that fulfills client needs. Our team's producing expertise in heating fixing gears guarantees that we have the capacity to provide a custom-made production merchandise from concept to growth.

Planetary gear assembly or gearboxes are typically made for heavy-duty equipment. Normally, these OEM programs incorporate heavy, high-torque loads, particularly when a little footprint is defined. The gearboxes are produced out of forged, cast or completely machined carriers that have more durability than 3-piece carriers at the same grade. GNA Gears can fabricate these engineered parts together with ration of - 1:1 / 1. 8:1 / 1.77:1.