Manufacturing Forging Turning

  • Full Range of In-House Capabilities
  • Forging, Turning, Milling & Drilling
  • Tooth Cutting & Shaving and OD & ID Grinding
  • Horizontal Forging Upsetter upto 7" capacity
  • Pneumatic Drop Hammer 2.5 to 6.5 tonnes
  • Mechanical Press- 600 to 1300 tonnes
  • Continuous Type Induction Bar- End Heater upto 450kw
  • CNC Turnmill Centers
  • CNC Turning Center

GNA Gears - Ring Rolling Forging & Forging Manufacturing

We are amongst the most advanced gear production facilities in Asia. We are world standard, state of the art and forward looking organization.

We have always focused on the quality of products manufactured by GNA gears. We strictly implement ISO 14001 | ISO / TS 16949 standards and our experienced engineers, machinery and precision quality checks for our products makes us the leading manufactures of the ring rolling forging and forging manufacture in the industry.

We at GNA gears also offer our clients a number of custom shapes and forges, even in complicated and complex forms for all forging need. Our high quality and strong forges can take care of your forging requirements, whether it's for research and development or specialized machinery. With our expert engineering teams, we further push the boundaries of creativity and innovation with precision in our industry. See our clients here.

Our manufacturing capabilities include forging, dry cutting, heat treatment and world-class machine shop.