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Gear manufacturing in India is a fascinating business. While the country is most famous for its software and mobile phone manufacturers, there is an entire industry behind the scenes making the gears and other precision components these companies need to operate. GNA Gears is one of those companies, manufacturing gears since 1946. 

Precision gear manufacturer for sun rotavator gear box / rotavator gear box manufactures in India.

GNA Gears was founded in 1946. We are a third-generation family-run company who are passionate about gears and have dedicated years of our lives to manufacturing them. We started manufacturing precision gears in the year 1946. Today we are a leading manufacturer of precision Bull gears, Speed gears, bevel gears, crown wheels & tail pinion, gear box assemblies, hollowed & spinned shafts, ring gears & epicyclic assemblies.

The rotavator is a machine that is used for breaking up the soil. It is best for small scale farmers since it can be used on small plots of land. The rotavator has gear boxes that are made with the use of precision gears. It needs to be sturdy and reliable. The gear box has to be reliable and it has to have a long life. When you are looking for a rotavator gear box assembly manufacturer in India, there are many things that you need to look for. There are many other things that will also come into play. You need to choose a team

At GNA Gears, Gear Boxes are designed and developed to meet the most challenging application. The gearboxes are offered in range of ratios 1:1, 1.8:1 & 1.77:1 based on customer requirements. These Gear Boxes are capable of handling heavy load at extreme temperatures making them ideal for agricultural applications such as Rotavators, Combines, Tractors etc.


The gearboxes offered by us are demanded by the customers for their durability, reliability, high torque handling capacity and easy operation. We also offer the gearboxes with accessories like input shafts, output shafts, reducers, planetary carriers, motors, etc.

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This is the story of roots, the seeds of growth, the fruits of glory, and the continuous evolution that has made GNA what it is today.

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