Upset Forging

GNA Gears Since 1946

Horizontal Upset Forging by GNA Gears

GNA - Range

  • 500 ton
  • 800 ton
  • 1200 ton
Forging - Upsetter forging

Horizontal upsetter forging by GNA gears

At our manufacturing plant, Our well-trained and motivated employees implement automated presses.

GNA gears have a wide range of Horizontal Forging Upsetters.

Ring Rolling forging - GNA Gears

Upset Forging Capacity

  • 3″
  • 4″
  • 7″
  • 13″ 

The majority of industries today use Upset forging to manufacture bolting and fastener components. There are two types of processes, horizontal split die upset forging and vertical closed die upset forging. At GNA gears, we produce high quality and cost-effective bar using the most advance upset forging method.


GNA gears - Product Range

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Strong, Reliable and Cost-efficient Forging

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