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We are very excited to introduce C-30 OERLIKON BEVEL GEAR CUTTING MACHINE to our production line. GNA Gears motto is precision and as one of the biggest gear manufacture in India we always focus on getting hi-tech and state of the art machinery. Contact us to more details. 


Highlights C-30

Optimal Chip Flow Thanks to Vertical Axis Concept

  • Minimal heat input thanks to systematic avoidance of chip deposits in the working chamber
  • Separate working chamber to protect drive components
  • Foundation for trend-setting high-speed machining
  • Optimized axis arrangement allows for optimal process monitoring
  • Moving parts protected from damage caused by chips both inside and
    outside the working chamber
  • Optimal energy efficiency thanks to recovery and on-demand control of

Intelligent Production Process with Machine-integrated Start-up and Quality Assurance

  • Short processing times and low tool costs make for economic production
  • Measurements taken during the production process itself and automated calculation of corrections in the machine provide quality assurance for the production process
  • High indexing quality is ensured over the entire service life of the tool via
    temperature compensation
  • Ultimate quality in the face milling process thanks to automatic pitch compensation via software settings
  • Optimized process sequences, machining times and tool life with Smart Process Control (optional)

Meet Our Leaders

This is the story of roots, the seeds of growth, the fruits of glory, and the continuous evolution that has made GNA what it is today.

managing director

Mr.Gursaran Singh

(Managing Director)


Mr. Ranbir Singh


leadership director and ceo

Mr. Gurdeep Singh

(Director & CEO)