Seamless and Precise

Ring Rolling Forging

GNA Gears Since 1946

Ring Rolling Forging by GNA Gears

GNA - Specialization

  • Thin-walled rings
  • Multiple rings, cut off and finished
  • Rings can be made of various materials
  • Over 74 years in the industry
  • ISO 14001 | ISO / TS 16949
Ring Rolling forging - GNA Gears

Seamless and Precise Ring Rolling forging by GNA gears

After the forging process, the blanks are rolled into seamless rings on the most modern CNC-controlled radial-axial-ring rolling mills. During the rolling process, the diameter, height and wall thickness are determined using the latest technology.

Well-known pioneers of the automotive and transmission industry demand our expertise especially in the development of highly stressed ring-shaped transmission parts.

Ring Rolling forging - GNA Gears

Ring Rolling Capacity

  • Maximum Dia 300 mm
  • With induction bar heater 300 KW

GNA gears - Product Range

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Strong, Reliable and Cost-efficient Forging


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