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What is Ring Rolling Forging & Forging Manufacturing?

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  1. What is ring rolling forging?
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What is ring rolling forging?


From the nuclear industry to machine shops to pharmaceutical companies, the Number of industries uses Rolled ring forging.

Rolled ring forging is a process that starts with a large & round preform of a particular metal that has already been penetrated to make a hollow “donut” shape.

The doughnut shape ring is heated and then it gets rotated to reduce its outer thickness and the diameter of the Ring gets increased. 

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Process of ring rolling forging.


Ring rolling forging is a particular kind of metal rolling, in which a ring of smaller diameter converted into a specific ring of bigger diameter and a decreased cross-section. 

The use of two rollers performs the process of Ring rolling forging, one driven and one idle, acting on each side of the Ring’s cross-section. Edging rollers are typically used throughout ring rolling manufacturing, to secure that the part will sustain a constant width everywhere during the forming operation. 

The work will mostly retain the same volume; therefore the geometric decrease in thickness will be counterbalanced entirely by an expansion in the Ring’s diameter. 

Rings manufactured by Ring rolling are seamless. This forming method builds not only flat rings but also rings of differently shaped cross-sections as well, producing exact parts with little waste of material.


Advantages of using Rings manufactured by Rolled Rings forging:


  • Strength – Forgings are more robust, reliable than other components, maintaining their strength through high-temperature variations.
  • Cost-efficient – Manufacturing these rings are more cost-effective than comparable products. The rings manufactured by this process matches the finished shape, hence involving less machinery.
  • Reliability – The high temperatures required to build rolled rings mean that the grain pattern used in producing them gives the metal more strength and stability than other parts.
  • Better under heat – Compared to different products, it’s simpler to predict how rolled rings will respond to heat. With most other elements, users require to take care when implementing heat to stop the part from melting or otherwise damaging. With forgings, users can be sure of the highest temperature it can endure.
  • More comprehensive range of materials – We can use any forgeable material to make these rings – alloy, stainless steel, carbon, aerospace metals. This versatility gives them a flexible and responsive solution when manufactures seek parts in businesses such as power generation, chemical and refinery industries.

A notable benefit of components produced by this metal rolling process is that the forming of the material will allow the Ring with a fragment adjustment that gives it enhanced durability/strength relative to most applications. Today, popular articles produced by this process in the manufacturing industry include rings for machinery, aerospace applications, turbines, pipes, pressure vessels, roller and ball-bearing races.


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